Economic benefits of capacitor maintenance


Economic benefits of capacitor maintenance

A decrease in power factor is an increase in reactive power, which is directly related to wasted electricity bills, so keep the capacitors in good condition. In Vietnam, there are cases where capacitors become useless for three years due to environmental influences and power quality.

Temperature is the biggest problem in the environment. Capacitors are manufactured on the basis of operating at 35°C, and will quickly deteriorate if the temperature exceeds 40°C for a long time. The effect of the source is harmonics that damage the capacitor.

Harmonics degrade capacitors and cause explosions.

Therefore, the Japanese government requires capacitors to have series reactors. In Vietnam, there are many factories that do not have capacitors installed, preventing capacitor damage will bring significant economic benefits such as saving electricity bills and extending the life of capacitors. SGX recommends rechecking the performance of the capacitor and introducing a reactor.

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