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At Sai Gon Xay Japan, safety is the core value
When you choose SGX JAPAN expect tallest
Safety is the core value


SAIGON XAY JAPAN (SGX) is the first company established in Vietnam as a provider of inspection survey, maintenance and improvement services as an Electrical Safety Services for industrial facilities. Currently, we are engaged in maintenance services totally for general factory equipment. In addition, in order to contribute to a Decarbonized Age, we are developing the Green Technology Association / GTA, a project that combines advanced technology with Japanese and world-wide manufacturers.

The latest and greatest electrical safety in Vietnam

About Us

Saigon Build Japan

Electrical safety maintenance service

SGX Japan's electrical safety service started as the electrical equipment division of Saigon Construction, a general construction company in Vietnam. Saigon Construction Company was established in 2008.





Frequently Asked Questions

Is Saigonxay Japan's service available in cities other than Ho Chi Minh City?

We can also provide services in other areas such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho. Our service is to bring peace of mind when serving customers by identifying the cause of the problem and proposing solutions and directions for improvement. For preliminary surveys, we can provide separate inspection and reporting services for travel expenses. If remedial work is required, we will employ a local professional company for quality and safety control.

Can Saigonxay Japan supply electrical construction materials that are not made in Japan?

We have a system that allows us to source and source products not only from Japan but also from all over the world according to the budget of our customers. The selection and supply of such products provides warranty services, product maintenance after delivery in accordance with the terms of the contract. We can always deliver the product you are looking for faster than other places.

Please contact us for more information.

What is GTA? Please let me know the details.

GTA stands for Green Technology Associates, a group of companies dedicated to helping factories and other energy-intensive facilities reduce energy consumption and decarbonise.

This is a special alliance where a Japanese engineering and manufacturing company and an outstanding Vietnamese engineering company work together to provide advanced decarbonization technology.

Koyama, an architect, will be an alliance that tries to bring together the industries and technologies needed for decarbonisation, just like the construction world, combining 29 specialized industries and 129 specialized technologies.

Yoshihiro Inoue, an expert on environmental facilities, will oversee the alliance.

Are you looking for employees? What are the conditions to apply?

Anyone motivated can join SGX Japan or I-TECHNO Japan regardless of age or gender. This is because the expertise required for our work is wide-ranging and the work of the management, who oversees specialized technology, is also important. Years of experience vary from beginner to advanced, so you can start learning if you have no experience.

We also have a training system for university students interested in our activity, so please join us. Many professionals and people in general organize themselves to form groups and put them into practice, so that young people can gain irreplaceable experience.

The knowledge and experience we expect from young people, graduates and professionals in fields of science and technology such as electricity, electronics, communications, mechanics, hot and cold environments, materials , energy and construction.

Professionals or young people who want to work in the social sciences, such as architectural arts, informatics, sociology, business administration, psychology, law and accounting.

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