Is it possible to regenerate the battery? Battery Renewability?



Can Battery Parts Be Recreated?

I often consult inquiries about whether it is possible to regenerate forklift by opetation time shortened. I always say “yes”. But all of manufacturer assert ” No” in any time.

Today I recommend how to use batteries smaetly and economically.

Battery Renewability?

A battery unit with 24 cells begins to deteriorate in a few of cells, and if left those batteries unchecked, it affects other cells and rapidly degrades capacity. Cell degradation is affected by temperature, dirty and driving behavior.

In the early stages of cell’s deterioration you can recover battery unit capacity by replacing them with second-hand cells, but replacement with new ones is NG. The replaced cell can be regenerated and used as a spare cell, so do not throw it away.


I can make more benefits for factories with several forklifts and stock units that have been replaced due to deterioration.

It’s the idea that you remove the unit with some deteriorated cells from the forklift and activate and charge it with a dedicated regenerative charger.

Activation charging, which restores the cell balance, is effective in extending battery life.

Batteries are expensive. If you are thinking about cost reduction, please contact us.

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