About us


As a provider of the electrical security we are confident that we can improve the quality of Vietnamese society and we provide directly affects on the people.
It gives us great pride to know that our services how people live, work and grow within Vietnamese community.

In Japan, we have realized the highest safety in electrical system against the background of laws and superior technology.
We have a desire to establish the safety first as the philosophy of the human rights in Vietnam using the technology we have cultivated in Japan.


SGX JAPAN started as an electric maintenance service company in 2016 under the leadership of Y.KOYAMA and Y.INOUE.
The predecessor of SGX JAPAN was a specialized department for security and construction of electrical systems at SAIGON XAI who is a general construction company in Vietnam.
Koyama served SAIGON XAI as chairman and supervise the quality of building technology as an architect.
Inoue is a GD of I-TECHNO who is also an excellent engineer of electrical maintenance and machines.

Since the 1990s, he has contributed electrical safety to Big Power Companies in JAPAN Koyama and Inoue have decided in 2016 to increase the safety quality of electrical security in Vietnam and have expanded their strategic plans of electrical safety business. They invested in quality personnel and established a Japanese technology and resource presence in the Vietnamese market.

Currently, HCM and HANOI, we continue to grow in partnership with two excellent local electrical equipment companies, 15 highly trained Vietnamese engineers and 3 supervisors.


Owner and President

Final education 1973, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University Major work history 1979 Matsushita Electric Works Technology Development Department 1984 R & D associates founded Architectural Planning Office 2012 Established PMC Community, Inc. Real estate management business 2018 Established Vietnam Co., Ltd. SGX Japan Electricity maintenance business Qualification Doctor of Art and Engineering First Class Architect / Household Transaction Manager

Owner and COO

Yoshihiro Inoue 1953 Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Final education
1972 Doshisha University Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering, Major work history
1979 Shimizu Construction Nagoya Branch Electric civil engineering site management
Established INS Electric Works in 1986. General electrical equipment related business
1994 I-TECHNO electrical equipment maintenance / Chubu Electric Power Commission
2016: Moved the activity base to Vietnam Electric security, facility construction management,Qualification
Type 3 Chief Electric Engineer
First-class architect / First-class pipe construction management engineer / A kind of electrician





SGX JAPAN Inc. provides safe and cost-efficient solutions to our current and future clients through innovation, technology and Japanese techniques of electric maintenance.



SGX JAPAN recognizes the instrumental role that strong professional relationships play in our continued success. We are proudly certified or partnered with the following organizations of Vietnamese:


At SGX JAPAN as an electric maintenance company, our staff all knows where we’re going to, and what they need to do to remain focused on that objective.

Safty is a Core Value. There’s a difference beteen a priority and a value. At SGX JAPAN, safety is a core value. In other words, it’s always first on the list. When safety is a core value, so is productivity and quality.